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[november 5 2008 :: 12:11am]
[ mood :: relieved ]

I can't say anything other than ... wow.

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[september 20 2008 :: 3:52pm]
[ mood :: educated ]

Anatomy is very challenging. I feel like all I ever do these days is study, study, study and we're not even a month into the semester yet. My first test was Wednesday -- I think I rocked the lecture portion and sucked out loud on the lab portion. Which is just as well, the lecture counts twice as much as lab anyway.

Erik and I were in Boston for the tattoo convention last week. It was a fun, laid-back trip -- I didn't get to do any sightseeing, but I really enjoyed the con and the neighborhood. What's up with the honking? My boss is from Boston and says it's just something they do, all the time, when they drive.

I'm on twitter now -- here.

Okay, back to studying now.

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[august 10 2008 :: 1:36pm]
[ mood :: thoughtful ]

It has been a long couple of weeks. I took my final exam on the 31st, ending the summer semester. It was considerably easier than I expected, and I knew I got one of the two bonus questions. My teacher emailed on Tuesday to tell me my grade on the exam was a 102 and my overall course grade was, of course, an A. Oh, and remember that B that I got on the final quiz? It was changed to an A. Turns out I got credit for using correct spellings that weren't the ones used in our book. Score!

I'm really excited about the fall semester. Doing a distance learning class was a great way to get acclimated to schoolwork again, but being in an actual lecture class and an actual lab will be a whole different story. I am less excited about leaving home at 7:30 in the morning and not getting home until almost 9:00 at night twice a week. The only real anxiety I have is that I'll get hungry, which is sort of absurd considering that I pack the biggest lunches in the universe. (Interestingly, I noticed while measuring myself for a new skirt that I've lost inches around my waist and hips since I started eating a metric fuckload of food every day. Go figure.)

This week we had a site relaunch at work, which meant I was doing endless QA; the problem with being good at something is that you become the go-to person for that particular task. I am the idiot savant of QA -- I can break every single function in 15 different ways but I have no technical knowledge of why it's breaking. But I guess that's what the developers are for, huh?

Next week we are taking Houdini to Houston for adrenal surgery; she is mildly symptomatic so the vet told us to go ahead with surgery. Both Eris and Fozzie had perfectly normal quality of life after they had the same thing done; we're confident Houdini will be just fine, epsecially since we are catching this incredibly early.

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[july 20 2008 :: 7:04pm]
[ mood :: happy ]

I finally went in to take the biology assessment test about a week ago ... I needed to get a 50 to earn a provisional pass (meaning I'm eligible to register for fall) or a 70 for a regular pass (meaning I'm eligible to register for two years). When I took the test I was pretty sure I got at least a 50. I got my scores on Tuesday: 88!! So I registered for a Monday/Wednesday anatomy section; it's less than a mile away from my office and class starts less than an hour after my workday ends. And, to make it better, my friend and coworker V got into the same class. She's really, really smart and I love her to bits.

I got a 100 on the term paper for my online class (I wrote about brain tumors), but followed it with an 84 on our final quiz (my first B). I'm annoyed at myself for taking it when I was distracted, but it isn't the end of the world. I've got a little more than a week to prepare for the final -- lots and lots of memorization. I think I only need a middle-of-the-road B to keep an A in the class, so hopefully I can make it happen.

Erik has been incredibly supportive of all this, including my need to drag my flash cards to the movies (for during the pre-show, yo) and my incessant peppering of all conversations with medical terms and abbreviations.

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[july 7 2008 :: 10:46am]
[ mood :: geeky ]

Erik's flight was delayed yesterday, but we still made it to the Austin Music Hall in plenty of time for DETHKLOK. The AC was broken at the venue, so it was approximately a million degrees. After Chimara's set but before Dethklok, Erik and I were in the production office with the tour manager when Brendon Small came in with his guitar!! I had a total geek-girl internal meltdown, especially because he was doing the finger coordination thing that Skwisgaar is always doing on the show. ;-) Even before Metalocalypse, I was a huge fan of Home Movies, so I was like a double-geekgirl. I told him that his Playgirl photos were nowhere near as funny as Peter Steele's -- and Peter Steele was meant to be serious. (Google this. Trust. You will laugh.)

The show was amazing. They projected animated Dethklok videos on a huge screen as the band played, and there were cartoons between sets. It was like a live, extra-long Metalocalypse episode. After the show, Brendon came outside to where we were hanging with some of the guys from Chimara -- he took a photo with me.

Now that the fun is over, it's school time. I'm getting down to the wire on that biology assessment and I've got a paper coming due for my class, so this week is pretty much all studying for me.

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[june 29 2008 :: 6:45pm]
[ mood :: content ]

It was a mildly eventful week at work -- some dude in Los Angeles used stolen credit cards to buy some of our gift cards, then resold them on Craigslist. Before we knew this, I'd flagged one card as suspicious, and it turns out I was right. Unfortunately, before we realized the ads were on Craigslist, there was one person who bought the card from the dude. (Wouldn't you be a bit suspicious of a nervous twenty-year-old selling a $1000 gift card for $300 cash?) Sucks for him -- but I'm really glad we were able to notify the people whose credit cards were used fraudulently. None of them had realized it yet.

I made another skirt last weekend, an elastic-waist A-line from a pink-and-red Hawaiian print. Later tonight I'm going to make another with fabric I got Friday, black with red/pink roses. I had a big aversion to floral skirts for a long time, since they are the bedrock of mediocre middle-age business casual, but I'm learning that there are a wide variety of floral prints out there. I also got myself a pink herringbone and a gray with subtle stripes (it's really just the coloration of the warp and weft fibers, like denim, but whatever), both of which will probably become wrap skirts. Next weekend there will be crazy fabric sales for Independence Day, which should result in a pretty solid collection of skirts to last me through the summer. I want to sew a few more shirts, too -- I have a couple I've sewn, but they don't go with the skirts!

It's been a nicely mundane weekend. Yesterday I had to replace a tire, because I ran over a nail on Wednesday. The nice boys at Costco replaced it and then surprised me by saying it was under warranty because I'd gotten the tire there (I guess the warranty is included), so it was absolutely free. That was awesome. We all met up at my mom's house last night for my older sister's birthday. My younger sister made queso and her very first margaritas, and we ordered food from Chuy's. Today I went to spin class at the Gold's at William Cannon and Mopac -- I'd never been to that gym before, and it's very nice. I do wish the spin room had blacklights, but that's a small complaint.

Back to work tomorrow ... hooray for short weeks.

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[june 22 2008 :: 7:53pm]
[ mood :: creative ]

It is approximately a hundred million skillion degrees in Austin these days. This is the first summer I've just said "fuck it" and started wearing skirts -- I commute on the scooter, and it's just too damn hot in the afternoons to even consider wearing anything else (well, except maybe scrub pants). I made some very comfy skirts out of t-shirts, but half of them are not office-appropriate so I've started sewing some slightly more butt-covering ones. For the record, this is the work-appropriate wrap skirt I made this evening:

Skull print wrap skirt

Speaking of work-appropriateness, my summer office party was held on a houseboat a few weeks ago. You haven't lived until you've watched your twentysomething coworkers and the VP of finance use a foam pool noodle as a beer bong. A foam pool noodle that's been marinating in lake water, to boot.

It's been almost a year since my mom first went into the hospital. She's in a skilled nursing facility now but insurance is going to kick her out pretty soon. The health care system is seriously fucked up, yo. At least she's in better condition than she was a few months ago. It hurts my head to try to figure out when she'll have a normal life.

So far I have an A in my first class, Essentials of Medical Terminology. It's amazing how much you can pick up from Scrubs and a sister who's a nurse -- a lot of it is pretty familiar.

Erik gets home in two weeks. This also means that I get to see Dethklok in two weeks. And that I have a four-day weekend. Woot.

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[june 12 2008 :: 7:22am]
[ mood :: happy ]

Just a quick note to say Happy Lizardman Day (aka Erik's birthday) to one and all! 

Please stop by his IAM or Myspace and tell him that he's an old monkeybutt.  ;-)

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[april 17 2008 :: 9:59pm]
[ mood :: thoughtful ]

Obviously I haven't been blogging. Erik periodically makes fun of me for it. I've been teaching myself to sew, killing time at the Day Job (keeping up with the drama alone gives me a forty-hour week), whatnot.

My mom went back into a rehabiliation facility last month; her condition had been degenerating since she went home at Thanksgiving, and they aren't able to treat the cancer when she isn't strong enough to stand it. This facility is really nice. It's in South Austin and is all Texas-themed, but in a rich-dude's-ranch-house sort of way.

This is a nice segue into the main change in my life recently: for the first time in eight years, I'm getting ready for school. I enrolled in our local community college on Tuesday and will start taking classes next month. My goal is to get admitted to the physical therapy assistant program and get my AAS. There's a long way to go -- biology assessment, a bunch of pre-reqs (half of which I've done, but are too old to count now), a big-ass scary standardized test, volunteer work, a full battery of immunizations.

Ideally I can get admitted to the program in Spring 2009 (they do it annually). I have no idea yet how competitive it is, and the big-ass scary standardized test is part of the admission ranking. Worst case scenario is that I don't get it, I take a leisurely year to finish off the four co-reqs that don't require admission to the program, and apply again the next year. Depending on work and how heavy the courses are, that might actually be preferable. We'll see.

Right now I am studying for a biology assessment test. I haven't had biology in 10 years, and my performance was pretty dismal back then, but so far this seems manageable. Erik has been remarkably supportive despite my persistent muttering about mitosis and the flash cards that litter our living room.

So yeah. I'm about to be an old-ass community college student. Rock on.

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[november 19 2007 :: 5:36pm]
[ mood :: happy ]

Today is an illustrious day -- fourth wedding anniversary for me and Erik!  This is the linen or appliance year, depending on whether you are traditional or modern. 

In addition to that notable thing, I received a text message at 4:30 a.m. announcing the birth of Shani and Jesus's new baby boy!  I have been hoping all along that she would hold out until our anniversary.  ;-)

p.s.  Happy one-day-late birthday to Theda!

p.p.s.  Happy two-day-early birthday to lish!

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[november 10 2007 :: 10:39am]
[ mood :: creative ]

 Halloween was amazing and bittersweet and sad and funny and wonderful.  I am not sure exactly what the future holds for the Cheerleaders, but there will still be performing and sexiness and fun.  I hope people go out for the show tonight, even if we aren't going to be dancing. 

My mom was moved to a better rehab hospital, which also happens to be the one where my sister works.   She walked (with assistance) for the first time since ... July, I guess?  It's sort of baffling to think about not walking for four months.  We aren't sure if she will be home in time for Thanksgiving.  The funny thing is that she hasn't been getting treatment for the cancer, just all the myriad complications -- but the cancer hasn't gotten any worse. 

I've decided that I should learn how to sew.  For almost four years, my concept of garment construction has involved creating the fabric itself from little loops of yarn, so it almost seems like cheating to buy the fabric ready-made.  My mom is loaning her machine to me, and despite some trouble getting it set up, I think I'm making progress.  I've been playing around with scraps for a few days, then hemmed some pants for Erik and converted a dress into a shirt for myself.  Next step:  pajama pants from a pattern. 

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[october 11 2007 :: 9:28pm]
[ mood :: grateful ]

Good news: as far as they can tell, I don't have lupus. My white blood cell count was low (which I believe does happen with lupus), but the proteins and whatnot were not indicative. If I do have another face rash issue or other symptoms, I will make an appointment with the actual clinic rheumatologist (instead of the internal medicine doctor I saw) in North Austin and have her run the tests again. I guess I have some random and unspecified autoimmune quirk -- which we sort of knew anyway, since I get eczema.

My mom developed a fever and GI issues yesterday. So she was moved from the awful rehab hospital back to the regular hospital she was at before. It sucks that she needs acute care again, but hopefully we will be able to get her to a different rehab hospital after this.

I think tomorrow I will stop at Hey Cupcake! on my way home.

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[october 9 2007 :: 9:36pm]
[ mood :: tired ]

This update is for Erik, who says I never update my blogs. Which is really only true for my LJ, because I keep my knitting blog updated and my IAM account is expired. Most of my online time is either Craftster or Ravelry these days.

After a second bout with Mystery Face Rash last week I went to the doctor. It turns out that it's a symptom of lupus, and I have a few of the other symptoms as well. Now, I'm 99% sure I don't have lupus, but I figure that's the sort of thing you should know about yourself. So I got some blood tests done and should hear back in the next couple of days. But I'm pretty sure it isn't lupus. 

My mom is in the rehab hospital. I hate the rehab hospital. The staff borders on neglectful -- and I'm not just being picky.  *sigh*  Right now we are considering moving her somewhere else, but it's not quite that easy.

We had our final Beerland show on Saturday. It was a good one. Last night we were filmed by some guys who have a TV show in Ireland. Very cute dudes. We filmed at Cheerleader Mansion and at the Jackalope.  

That's about it for now.

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[september 24 2007 :: 9:37pm]
[ mood :: thoughtful ]

It's been awhile since I posted ...

My mom is still in the hospital. She went into the hospital on July 2 -- I think she had about a week in late July when she was home, but went back to the ER with stomach pains and has been moving between ICU and Intermediate Care ever since. She's been in the hospital so long that she has to do rehab/physical therapy before she can go home. I am being pragmatic and optimistic -- because really, what other choice is there? Break down? Not an option.

It's sort of funny that other than my mom's illness, things are really good. Erik and I had a fantastic vacation in DC at the beginning of this month (I got to meet Josh and Saram!! Finally!!!). He is in Canada now and will be doing next month in Vegas. I have settled into my latest promotion and am getting to spearhead some good projects. I forsee another move up the ladder before too long.

The Cheerleaders have decided that Halloween will be our final show with the Flametrick Subs. It's been fantastic, hilarious, and wonderful to work with them ... but all of us have so much going on in our lives, we just devote enough time to the regular performances. We're not breaking up and neither is the band!! We will still be the Cheerleaders and we'll still perform. October 5th will be our last show at Beerland, so be there or be square. And Halloween is going to be a free-for-all.

So yeah. Change. Good thing.

Of final note, I got a new tattoo on Friday. For those of you who don't knit, "K2P2" stands for "knit two, purl two" -- it's how you make ribbing.

Toe Tattoo 

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[june 10 2007 :: 11:25am]
[ mood :: content ]

Of recent note:

1. Erik and I had a lovely vacation in Las Vegas last week. We saw comedy at the Improv at Harrah's (to Chad: Jimmy Pardo was the headliner, and was very funny), went to a comedy hypnotism show starring an acquaintance of Erik's, ate at a fancy restaurant and visited the Playboy Club at the Palms, rode the NYNY roller coaster, and visited the Secret Garden critter habitat at the Mirage. Also, we went to a yarn store. I was sort of disappointed that the yarn did not have sequins and feathers in it.

2. I'm getting a promotion at work -- assistant support manager. Every time I think of it, I think of Dwight Schrute. I sort of want one of these.

3. I'm learning how to spin my own yarn with a drop spindle (that I made myself). Right now my yarn is what I call artisan yarn, which means it is overspun and underspun and has tufts and generally looks handmade. Such yarn is very costly at the store. Heh. I want a spinning wheel but they cost many hundreds of dollars.

4. On Friday I gave an elocution at the sentencing of the girl who robbed me. She got five years in prison (she has to serve at least two and a half), then will be on probation for 10 years after that.

5. I finally got some of the Stephen Colbert ice cream. Yum.

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[may 24 2007 :: 9:19pm]
[ mood :: thoughtful ]

I got a call from the district attorney's office yesterday; the girl who robbed me pled guilty and will be sentenced June 8. They asked me if I wanted to give an elocution, and of course I do. I talked to them a couple of weeks ago when they said they were working on a plea deal, and they asked if I thought she should do jail time (because her lawyer is seeking probation) -- I definitely want her to go to jail, if only for a few months. I don't want this to ruin her life, but I also don't want her to get off with probation.

One of the other women who was robbed will be speaking, too; I have no idea if she is in favor of jail time or just probation or what. I've been working on what I want to say, and it's coming together nicely. It's been awhile since I've had to give a speech but I bet I'm still pretty good at it.

Erik and I are going to Arizona this weekend so he can perform at an event ... I need to figure out what vinyl I'm wearing.

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[may 18 2007 :: 5:41pm]
[ mood :: cheerful ]

95% finished ... just need to go back and add blue to the water.

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[may 16 2007 :: 8:33pm]
[ mood :: accomplished ]

My chest tattoo is finished ... for now. I think we will probably go in and add blue to the water after it's all healed up. Despite the size difference between the goldfish and the koi, it's nicely balanced by the water and the cherry blossoms.

The worst part was four little tiny smoke wisps right around the kanji. Hurt like eight bitches on a bitch boat. (obATHF) It puffed up immediately and bled like crazy.

Pictures soon.

In other news: I made a drop spindle out of Common Craft Store Materials and am teaching myself to spin yarn from fiber. It wasn't enough to just knit, nooooooo ... I have to make the yarn itself, too. ;-)

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For Clare ... [may 3 2007 :: 5:56pm]
[ mood :: calm ]

I will put up a better (i.e. non-camera-phone) picture when I have one, but some horrible ailment killed Honey Sweet's camera at work so this was our option.

This session was a little harder, I think because I'd had a stressful day at work (and had enjoyed a five-hour happy hour after work the day before). I have the final session on the 16th.

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[april 26 2007 :: 3:05pm]
[ mood :: content ]

Here it is ... a close-up, and then a shot showing the placement. Obviously, it's sort of icky because it's fresh and peel-y.

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